• xbox360 e-zee CHAT Wireless Gaming Communicator

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    xbox360 e-zee CHAT alternatyva PS3 ausinėms. Komutatorius tvirtinasi ant pultelio.

    e-zee CHAT is the first gaming chat communicator designed specifically for your xbox360 controller and console.

    Unlike headsets, e-zee CHAT allows you to talk and hear freely when gaming with your friends using the in-built microphone and speaker without the need for a headset.


    Sensitive microphone ensures your friends can hear you clearly without feedback
    High efficiency class D amplifier and 2w speaker ensures you can hear your friends during gaming
    e-zee CHAT simply clips onto your controller
    In-built Lithium Polymer battery doesn't drain your controller power
    2m Charge Cable allows charging during play
    Up to 5hr talk time with adjustable volume