• Jungle Kartz PC

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    Jungle Kartz PC

    Jungle themed arcade racing action!
    8 fun loving animal characters, Race as Sass, Zero, Gus, Ashley, Sal, Dixie, Rocky or Bob, each with their own special abilities and a home track advantage.
    4 player multiplayer racing!
    3 different game modes
    Quick Race, Time Trial and Tournament.
    8 different karts to race, from light rapid karts, to big powerful speed machines, each with their own individual look.
    8 challenging environments each with 4 tracks
    (32 tracks to race in total).
    Tropic Bay – An island paradise zone of bamboo huts, palm trees, ferns and sandy beaches.
    Arctic Point – A glacial zone of toboggan runs, igloos, frozen waterfalls and icebergs.
    Deep Forest – A dark and overgrown rainforest zone with huge trees, vines and exotic plants.
    Rift River Valley - A rolling savannah of tall golden grasses and shady Acacia trees.
    Cinder Flow – The lava flows of Fire-top Mountain.
    Homestead Ranch – Rolling hills, red and white farm buildings and tall corn fields.
    Redstone Canyon – A deep canyon of meandering rivers.
    Ra Desert – A hot and dusty region of pyramids, sand dunes and cloudless skies.
    9 hilarious pickups
    Speed Boost (A temporary speed increase), Time Warp (Give you a speed boost and slows down time), Blow Pipe (Fires a wall of explosive darts), Pineapple Rocket (An explosion of tropical flavour), Spider Web (slows the kart that rides over it) , Ice Puddle (Freezes the kart that rides over it), Exlode Leaders (Blows up the top 3 racers) and Shield.
    2 secret unlockable kars to discover

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