• Nintendo WiiU Console 32GB + Mario Kart 8 Premium Pack Black NAUDOTAS

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    Nintendo WiiU Console 32GB + Mario Kart 8 Premium Pack Black NAUDOTAS. Garantija 3 men

    Discover a wealth of exciting new ways to enjoy family gaming with Wii U, Nintendo's next home console. With a revolutionary new touch screen GamePad controller, precision motion controls, and full HD graphics, a whole new world of play styles and gaming possibilities is here. Wii U is also backwards compatible so you can play all your favourite Wii games and use your existing Wii remotes, Nunchucks and Wii Balance Board.

    Product Description
    Box Contains

    32 GB memory
    Wii U Console in Black
    Wii U GamePad in Black
    Wii U AC Adapter
    Wii U GamePad AC Adapter
    High Speed HDMI Cable
    Sensor Bar
    Wii U GamePad Cradle (for charging)
    Wii U GamePad Stand
    Wii U Console Stand
    Wii U Game Pad Stylus
    Mario Kart 8
    Nintendo's Wii U is a new console that includes a controller with a 6.2-inch screen. Adding a second screen to the living room creates a multitude of new video game experiences while offering families a variety of options to customize their entertainment.

    Previously, video games played on a home console have been confined to the TV and offered identical viewpoints to each player in a multiplayer environment. Furthermore, watching TV and playing console games have been completely separate experiences. The new controller removes these boundaries, creating a more dynamic and fluid gaming and entertainment experience. The type of gaming experiences made possible by Wii U and the new controller include:

    In single-player games:
    The new controller can display information on its screen that does not appear on the TV.

    The information and viewpoint can also change in the new controller based on the orientation of its gyroscope.